This year we have developed the design of the stand for the company Granicer, who chose us for the first time to accompany them at the Cevisama fair.

Granicer is a well-known company in the ceramics sector specialising in the production and distribution of high quality porcelain gres. Granicer offers a wide range of porcelain gres in different sizes, shapes, colours and finishes, made from natural materials such as clay, feldspar and kaolin, which adapt to different styles and applications.

To achieve this, a careful aesthetic has been sought, with organic shapes, open spaces and colours that represent the natural materials with which the company manufactures its products.






An eye-catching and elegant stand where ceramics are the most prominent element. Its product lines include tiles for floors, walls and outdoor spaces, as well as special collections for commercial and industrial use.


From the outside of the stand, the idea of an open space is perceived thanks to the wooden lattices that show a large part of what is inside and allow the user to see at first glance the wide variety of Granicer products.

Once inside there are very clear and open routes, offering visitors a different view from every angle and enough space to move around the showroom without feeling overwhelmed.

In addition, it also has a complete display system with rooms showing the range of formats, colours and possibilities of each series.


Finally, a minimalist d├ęcor with cool tones and warm touches was chosen. The combination of intense tones with more neutral colours reflects a perfect harmony between the tranquillity that the spaces inspire and the strength projected by the vibrant tones, highlighting the exceptional resistance

of the Granicer tiles.

To reflect Granicer's commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility we employ the use of plants to help improve the air quality of the space by producing oxygen and removing harmful toxins

from the air.

This not only creates a more welcoming and aesthetically pleasing environment, but also a healthier one for both customers and employees.